What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with your Teeth?

Dec 02 2013

Losing your teeth can be exciting and fun! When your tooth falls out you place it under your pillow and await a special surprise from none other than the Tooth Fairy. Have you ever wondered what she does with your tooth after she’s taken it and left money under the pillow? We have some ideas about what the tooth fairy might do with your teeth:

Ever noticed that your teeth are super strong and durable? The reason for that is because of the collagen in them. Collagen makes your teeth able to withstand a lot of pressure. Knowing that, of course the tooth fairy would want to use your lovely teeth to build her an even lovelier castle!

Every fairy needs magic fairy dust. Fairy dust helps them complete their magical tasks, right? The tooth fairy is no different. She needs your teeth to help her fly around the world each night and gather more teeth! Every time she takes away one of your teeth, just remember that you are helping her be the best fairy she can be!

For people who have lost their baby teeth for not brushing regularly, doctors are able to make dental teeth implants all thanks to the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is all about helping people and their teeth! She uses some of your teeth to help doctors make implants for people who have lost their baby teeth!

Again, the tooth fairy just wants to help people’s teeth. In order for babies to eat solid food they need teeth too. That is why the tooth fairy recycles and reuses your old teeth and gives them to small babies. She plants them in their gums and then they “teethe” and grow those teeth in.

The tooth fairy is nothing less but fascinated with teeth and each and every tooth she collects is special and unique. This is why she likes to collect them. She likes to save one tooth from every child she visits. It’s a constant reminder of some great times!

Teeth are called “pearly whites” for a reason. It’s because when taken care of properly they shine bright which is the reason they make great stars for the sky! The tooth fairy enjoys polishing up those pretty baby teeth and placing them in the sky for you to enjoy them every night. Next time you see a star, you might just be looking at your own baby tooth!

Trees are essential for life and oxygen. Sometimes the tooth fairy plants your teeth in the ground to produce magical teeth trees! These trees also produce more of that magical fairy dust which she uses so frequently.

In addition to making teeth for babies to use, sometimes your teeth are ground up into powder which is then used to make adult-sized teeth! Can you imagine some grownup using your baby teeth to talk and chew their food? It’s all thanks to the tooth fairy

The tooth fairy unfortunately doesn’t get paid for her services. So how does she get money to give to children who have lost their teeth? She melts some of the teeth she gets and turns them into money! This is the money which you then get to use on whatever you want! Isn’t that nice of her?

With so many uses for teeth the tooth fairy has decided that gifting teeth is the best gift she can give other kinds of fairies! Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are all great reasons to give teeth away. The fairies who receive these teeth can then use them for whatever they want, but mostly they like to collect them too!


It sure sounds like the tooth fairy has a lot on her plate. With all of these uses for teeth, no wonder we give them to her! And once you’ve given all of your baby teeth to the tooth fairy she leaves it up to Burg Children’s Dentistry to take care of the ones that come to replace them. Come visit us, and tell us what you think the tooth fairy has done with your baby teeth!

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