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While stopping the evils of Professor Plaque,The Infector, and even Cavity Miner is time consuming, Molar Man sets time aside to meet with daycares and schools to teach about his important job.


We all know toothpaste is essential to clean teeth, but do you know how toothpaste works for your pearly whites? Take a look at the the best traits of toothpaste that make it an effective cleanser of our teeth.


Make the transition to your child brushing their teeth more easily with these tips to ensure your child’s teeth will remain healthy and free of cavities.


Losing a tooth for the first time is a milestone to remember- especially for the child. Their cute little baby teeth fall out and their “big kid” ones come in, which in turn turns them into “big kids.”


  There have been many debates between mothers who choose to breastfeed and those that prefer to use formula to feed their babies. While not everyone may have the ability or the option to breastfeed, those who do should consider doing so. There are many benefits that can be brought to both the child and […]

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  Parents have a number of resources available to them to help when it comes to the health of their child. Burg has a dental app designed to help parents all along the path of pediatric dentistry, but what about an app designed specifically for kids? Take a look at these four dental apps geared […]

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Gummy vitamins have been around since the late 1960’s, gaining popularity over time. These tasty treats were advertised to deliver the essential vitamins and minerals your child needed while at the same time being desirable for young children. Now there are even adult vitamin variations that come in gummy varieties, delivering larger portions of vitamins […]


Throughout your life your teeth have gone through many changes, and will go through many more as you age. Learn the timeline of teeth, and how they change over time. These changes are especially important for toddlers and young kids, but you may be surprised to learn about what will happen to your teeth as […]


Brushing your teeth seems like a fairly simple task right? Well, turns out that most people aren’t brushing their teeth properly. Anything from brushing too hard, too fast, or using the wrong type of toothbrush can be damaging to your teeth. So stop rushing through your brushing and learn how to correct those bad brushing habits.

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