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By being aware of the dental problems that are more common with children, you can be more aware of not only the problem but the cause as well, more effectively preventing these issues before they can take root.


There are resources out there to help your children recognize the importance of good oral health. These outlets can help teach your children more on how to brush properly, and take care of teeth through the foods we eat and more. In addition to Molar Man and his quest to fight plaque, there are children’s […]


While there isn’t any one specific age that is ideal for every child to get braces, there are a few signs and factors that contribute to the ideal age for your child. Look into these factors in helping you decide when is the right time for your child to receive braces.


Kids have a sense of adventure that cannot be matched by many. This fearless attitude has the potential to get them into trouble on occasion. While having a baby tooth knocked out through rough housing isn’t ideal, doing so with a permanent tooth is far worse. Learn what to do if your child loses a […]


When choosing which dentist to take your child to, the options may seem overwhelming. Amongst all the other options, one of the most important of these is the difference between a pediatric and a general dentist. Learn the differences in these two types of dentists for your children and discover why a pediatric dentist will […]


Anyone who has young kids knows that it is not always easy getting them to go to the dentist. Like any doctor visit, kids can be anywhere from reluctant to downright terrified about going. For very young kids the experience of going to a dentist can be hard, so it is important to begin preparing […]