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The purpose of braces is to straighten crooked teeth and boost your oral health. They are not meant to create more problems in your mouth. However, if you do not properly care for your braces, you are at risk of experiencing more problems and more pain. How do you care for your braces? Start by avoiding these 7 sins.


A child’s favorite part about Halloween is the copious amounts of candy, this can be a parents biggest nightmare. Now is a good time to teach children about oral health and moderation when it comes to sweets without depriving them of Halloween fun. Too many sugary sweets can have damaging and long lasting effects on […]


In order for your child to establish a good habit of teeth brushing, you need to enable them with the right toothbrush. So here’s what to look for when choosing your child’s toothbrush.


According to Visa’s 2015 Tooth Fairy Survey, American children receive an average of $3.19 per lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy. Times certainly have changed! Who is this Tooth Fairy anyways? We have the origins of the Tooth Fairy here.


Gum health is an extremely important component of overall dental health. Actively preventing gum disease and tooth decay is the aim of everyday brushing and flossing and regular trips to the dentist. One common occurrence is bleeding gums. This is more common than many people realize and is not always indicative of a problem, but […]


For a lot of people, going to the dentist can be an anxious or even fearful experience. The use of sedatives can be necessary to help patients overcome this anxiety by relaxing them during an appointment. Sedation dentistry involves the use of pharmaceutical sedatives to relax patients with severe anxiety or intense fears of the […]


Halloween is a fun time for kids but potentially a problem for teeth. The entire holiday is centered on candy and can be a headache for parents who want to keep kids from overindulging in the sweets. The best solution for the candy binges that often occur on Halloween is to encourage moderate consumption of […]


While there isn’t any one specific age that is ideal for every child to get braces, there are a few signs and factors that contribute to the ideal age for your child. Look into these factors in helping you decide when is the right time for your child to receive braces.