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Tooth Fairy Printable Kit

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Losing a tooth for the first time is a milestone to remember- especially for the child. Their cute little baby teeth fall out and their “big kid” ones come in, which in turn turns them into “big kids.”. I remember a piece of string being tied around one of my bottom teeth. I was so nervous but also extremely excited. This tooth had been hanging on its last thread for an entire day! My older cousin looked at me as he was about to slam the door. Luckily, the yanking of him about to close the door pulled that little loose tooth out before I heard the slam. Perhaps that is the only tooth losing story I remember because it was traumatizing! They’ve heard the stories of that wonderful thing that happens when they lose a tooth: they gain a dime, quarter or even a dollar left by a very secretive fairy. I am the sentimental type and love to keep remembrances of my kids and all the milestones reached and goals accomplished. I designed this printable for kids to fill out and for parents to treasure these records. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time keeping track of each of my 3 kids milestones so this is a great way to keep track- plus kids love to go through old albums and see baby pictures and would love to see which tooth they lost first and so on.


And then how exciting it is to look under the pillow and see a sweet note from none other than The Tooth Fairy…along with some coins, too! And of course, we have to make sure they are taking care of their teeth which The Tooth Fairy is sure to judge them on.  How much she decides to give them is another post all together but remember, kids lose 20 baby teeth so don’t set the bar too high!


What an exciting milestone! We have yet to experience this milestone with our own children, but it’s coming! For those of you that are already there, you can download this printable tooth fairy kit.


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