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  • Your Child’s First Visit

    Burg Makes it Easy

    We specialize in making your child’s first dental appointment a great experience!

    Your first visit to Burg Children’s Dentistry marks the beginning of your child’s professional oral healthcare journey. It is also the start of a relationship between you, your child and our dental office. Once your child’s first teeth begin to appear, we feel that it is important that they become familiar with our office environment and caring staff.

    New Patient Paperwork

    When you arrive for your first visit, please be prepared to complete all insurance and health information forms, which will allow us to begin your child’s dental treatment. We will ask you to fill out several forms that will help us to get to know you and your child, and get you acquainted with our office.

    New Patient Paperwork

    What to Expect

    Oral hygiene instructions will be provided on your first visit, along with suggestions to help you care for your child’s teeth. In most cases, we will also clean their teeth on this visit and provide an evaluation that will outline their existing dental problems and proposed treatment.

    At your child’s first appointment, the dentist and the staff will give your child special attention and take time to get to know him or her. To help ease any fears your child may have, our friendly staff will explain the different dental procedures and tools in an imaginative and kid-friendly manner.

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    Your first visit will include:

    • Oral hygiene demonstration
    • Tooth cleaning
    • Oral examination
    • Fluoride application
    • X-rays (if needed)

    At the end of the visit, your child will receive stickers, a prize, a toothbrush and floss. Our playful atmosphere and kind staff will teach your child to be comfortable with dentistry.

    After your child’s visit, our staff will provide you with an oral health summary and will explain your child’s dental needs, including any necessary treatment. We’ll discuss your child’s medical health and any special needs or concerns you may have.

    After Your First Appointment

    To ensure proper oral health is maintained, we recommend that your child have a regularly scheduled dental visit every six months. In addition to regular visits, proper oral hygiene must be practiced at home in order to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other serious problems. Baby teeth are crucial for proper chewing and speaking, jaw muscle development, and good self image. Regular preventative visits, in conjunction with at-home care, will minimize cavities and other dental problems and help your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong.

    To schedule a visit for your child, contact us at any one of our eight convenient locations in Utah. We look forward to your visit and hope to be part of your child’s dental experience for years to come.