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  • Sealants FAQ

    What Are Sealants?

    Sealants are plastic which bonds into the grooves of a tooth. Sealants work to prevent tooth decay and cavity formation on the chewing surface of a tooth.

    How do Sealants Work?

    There are many tiny, deep, and narrow grooves on the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth. Often times, it is very difficult for children to properly clean deep down into these grooves with a toothbrush. When a sealant is applied, the surface of the tooth is made flatter and smoother, eliminating the hard-to-clean grooves. After a sealant is applied, plaque can be removed more effectively and easily. In this way, dental sealants decrease the chance that decay will start.
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    How are dental sealants placed?

    Typically, a dental sealant placement takes just one visit and is a very easy process. First, the tooth is cleaned, conditioned, and dried. The sealant material is then flowed onto the tooth surface. The dental sealant is hardened quickly with a special blue light. After the appointment, all normal activities can occur.

    How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

    The life expectancy of tooth sealants can vary. Sealants are considered successful if they remain in place for three to five years; however, sealants can last much longer. Our staff at Burg Children’s Dentistry will check your child’s sealants during each dental visit to determine if repair or reapplication of dental sealants is necessary.

    Which teeth should be sealed?

    Any tooth with deep, hard to clean grooves can benefit from the application of dental sealants. The most common teeth to be sealed are a child’s back molars. At Burg Children’s Dentistry, the recommendation for dental sealants is considered on a case-by-case basis.

    After sealants are applied, how important is brushing and flossing?

    After sealants are applied, it is just as important for your child to brush and floss their teeth. Sealants are only one part in the fight against tooth decay. It is extremely important that your child establishes an at-home dental care routine and has regular professional dental cleanings.

    How much do dental sealants cost?

    Dental Sealant treatment is quite affordable. The value of protection that dental sealants offer against tooth decay is invaluable. Most dental insurance companies cover sealants. Check with your insurance company about your child’s dental coverage.

    For more information on dental sealants, or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact Burg Children’s Dentistry. We have eight convenient locations along the Wasatch Front.