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Halloween Photos

Oct 28 2010

Overbites and Underbites

Oct 28 2010

If you thought overbites or underbites were mostly caused by excessive thumb sucking past the age of two you thought wrong!  These misaligned bites can be the result of numerous scenarios and cause all types of serious problems. Problems caused by Overbites and Underbites Increased gum disease risk Increased cavity risk Broken teeth Crooked teeth…

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Stansbury Park Twilight Dress Up Day Photo

Oct 27 2010

Upcoming Burg Children’s Dentistry Dress Up Days

Oct 26 2010

Wed Jan 26 – Pajama Day Mon Feb 14 -Valentine’s. Wed Mar 23 -Super Hero Wed April 27 -Career Day (what we wanted to be when we grew up as kids) May 25 -Safari/Animals and Explorers.

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Up Coming Burg Children’s Dentistry Movie Events

Oct 26 2010

Contact your local office for free ticket information for the following Movies. Nov. 6th Tooele Cinaplex  “Megaminds”  10am (Tooele Office) Nov. 27th Jordan Commons Movie “Tangled” 11:00 am (Lone Peak, Eastgate, Vine Street Offices) Dec. 11th Park City Red Stone “Chronicles At Narnia” 10 am (Park City Office)

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Foods that Cause Tooth Decay

Sep 09 2010

Chocolates, cupcakes, gummy bears! Come on, which kid doesn’t love a little (or a lot) of these sugary sweets?  Yes, you know too much is bad for their health and their teeth! But did you also know that some healthier foods cause tooth decay as well? Or that breads and pasta can be as hard…

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Tips For Beating the “Binky Blues”

Aug 24 2010

If your child is a die-hard pacifier enthusiast, you may be wondering if she will ever kick the habit once and for all! Most pediatric dentists agree that your child should be through with relying on a binky by the time her permanent teeth start erupting. If she doesn’t, proper mouth and jaw formation and…

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