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Latest release from Dental Times about the recent battle between our heroes and the local gang The Cavity Crew! Halloween Candy Criminals Thwarted Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler Pair Up to Defeat Candy Menace Every year around Halloween, the city of Dental Heights is threatened by the attack of notable crime gang Cavity Crew, and […]

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Halloween is coming up and we are so excited! We’ve already posted about how to care for your teeth during the onslaught of sugar, alternatives to candy, and had some pretty cool Halloween ideas, but what about the holiday itself? Do other countries celebrate Halloween the same way we do? Do they even know what […]

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The cold, dry winter air can affect your teeth in many ways. Prolonged exposure to winter air can cause general tooth sensitivity that can be a hassle to deal with, or cause more serious issues to untreated cavities, cracked fillings, and receding gums. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your teeth this winter.


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A child’s favorite part about Halloween is the copious amounts of candy, this can be a parents biggest nightmare. Now is a good time to teach children about oral health and moderation when it comes to sweets without depriving them of Halloween fun. Too many sugary sweets can have damaging and long lasting effects on […]


The holiday season is a time for holiday cheer, friends, family, giving, and…cavities? Unfortunately copious amounts of sweets are eaten during this time of year, leading to some dental health problems. Get through this holiday season by finding the healthy alternatives to Christmas treats, as well as following these simple tips. These will help keep […]