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  • Your Baby’s First Visit

    What to Expect: Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

    To avoid any dental problems, we suggest bringing your infant in for their first visit to the dentist no later than their first birthday. At Burg Children’s Dentistry, we specialize in oral health exams for your infant and education for you as the parent. We strongly believe that if parents start early taking care of their children’s teeth, it definitely helps with cavity prevention.

    Your child’s baby teeth are required for proper chewing, developing muscles in the jaw and learning how to talk correctly. Having nice teeth can really help a child have a good self image as well.

    At your baby’s first appointment, the doctor will examine the teeth for any chance of decay. The dentist will also check to see if the teeth are coming in properly, check for disease in all the oral tissues and make sure the jaw is developing properly.

    We want your child to feel comfortable coming to our dental office, and early and regular visits to our office will get them used to the environment. We will provide you with lots of priceless information to help ensure that you are informed about brushing, general nutrition guidelines and how proper nutrition pertains to the growth of your child’s teeth, body and brain. You will also receive information about what to anticipate during the teething process.

    We all know that toddlers can be rambunctious and even accident prone at times. We will provide you with information that will be useful if your child should injure his/her teeth or mouth.

    During your first visit, you will be given pointers on the proper way to clean your child’s teeth. We will provide you with a toothbrush that is the correct size for your child, and inform you when you should start using fluoride toothpaste or if your child can profit from using any other source of fluoride.

    We have many parents come into our office concerned about their child’s pacifier and thumb sucking. We can suggest ways to help your child end these habits, and enlighten you on problems that may occur with lingering sucking behaviors.

    At Burg Children’s Dentistry, we are excited that you are involved and proactive with your child’s oral care. We look forward to meeting you and your little one. We offer a warm caring staff and environment. We hope to help you and your child feel relaxed and comfortable while we provide you with superior care.

    To schedule a visit for your baby, contact us at any one of our eight convenient locations in Utah.