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Marci Nicol

Hi, I'm Marci and I've worked for Burg Pediatric Dentistry for over 5 years now. This company truly is amazing! I hope you will enjoy my posts.


By being aware of the dental problems that are more common with children, you can be more aware of not only the problem but the cause as well, more effectively preventing these issues before they can take root.


While stopping the evils of Professor Plaque,The Infector, and even Cavity Miner is time consuming, Molar Man sets time aside to meet with daycares and schools to teach about his important job.


Learn more about the damage a misaligned bite can cause, and why you need to correct this problem sooner rather than later.


Good dental health contributes positively to quality of life, self-esteem, and general wellness. People with mental illness are often less likely to make dental health a priority and, inversely, those with poor dental health may be more likely to suffer from depression and other poor quality of life decisions like smoking and drug use.


While there isn’t any one specific age that is ideal for every child to get braces, there are a few signs and factors that contribute to the ideal age for your child. Look into these factors in helping you decide when is the right time for your child to receive braces.


  There have been many debates between mothers who choose to breastfeed and those that prefer to use formula to feed their babies. While not everyone may have the ability or the option to breastfeed, those who do should consider doing so. There are many benefits that can be brought to both the child and […]

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  Parents have a number of resources available to them to help when it comes to the health of their child. Burg has a dental app designed to help parents all along the path of pediatric dentistry, but what about an app designed specifically for kids? Take a look at these four dental apps geared […]

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As their baby teeth develop, kids already begin to fall into bad biting habits. While these will often start at a young age, they have the potential to continue into adulthood, affecting their teeth and causing life long problems. Stop your children’s bad biting habits early on to help keep their teeth free from problems.


Kids have a sense of adventure that cannot be matched by many. This fearless attitude has the potential to get them into trouble on occasion. While having a baby tooth knocked out through rough housing isn’t ideal, doing so with a permanent tooth is far worse. Learn what to do if your child loses a […]


Everyone from kids to adults have been guilty of craving that bedtime snack late at night. While we have heard time and time again that this isn’t healthy, there are some snacks that will be much better than others in terms of oral and all around health. Choose one of these next time the late […]

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