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  • Adolescent Oral Health

    Patients’ dental needs change as they mature. The occurrence of cavities and tooth decay often increases in the teen years due to a change in diet, lack of motivation for correct dental hygiene, increased demands in school work, and a busy social life. These topics are addressed with our adolescent patients, as well as their parents, on an individual basis.

    Adolescent patients differ from younger children in their overall oral health care needs:

    Adolescent Oral Health

    • Many of our adolescent patients have orthodontic devices which can trap bacteria and food particles. If these orthodontic devices are not kept clean, tooth decay can easily result. Our patients are instructed on proper toothbrushing and flossing practices in order to prevent cavities that can easily develop around the braces.
    • As young adults mature, wisdom teeth removal often becomes a concern. Our friendly staff provides referrals and information and helps to ease any fears that may be associated with wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgeries.
    • In order to help prevent cavities and protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth, sealants are recommended for our adolescent patients when all the permanent teeth erupt.
    • As adolescents become involved in sports activities, protecting permanent teeth becomes important. Mouth guards provide great protection for active adolescents.

    Our friendly staff at Burg Children’s Dentistry has found that motivating teens to be knowledgeable about their own dental needs leads to long-term health of the permanent teeth into adulthood. Topics and issues unique to young adults are addressed and planned for treatment with our teen patients and their parents.

    Please refer to the American Dental Association for additional information, teen-related topics, and videos.