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The Scary Truth: Effects of Halloween Candy on Your Children’s Teeth

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halloween nuggets
A child’s favorite part about Halloween is the copious amounts of candy, this can be a parents biggest nightmare. Now is a good time to teach children about oral health and moderation when it comes to sweets without depriving them of Halloween fun. Too many sugary sweets can have damaging and long lasting effects on your children’s teeth.

Cavities and Tooth Decay

Cavities and tooth decay are caused by prolonged exposure to sugar in the mouth.
According to oral health experts sugar has been the leading cause of cavities and tooth decay. The bacteria found in our mouth feeds on the sugar in candy and other foods which then turns it into acid. This acid attacks tooth enamel causing it to decay.

Problem Candies

candyThe chewy and sticky candies are the most problematic for your children’s teeth. These sugary treats get stuck on the surface of teeth and in between crevices allowing sugar to stick around. The longer this sugar is stuck in the teeth, the more acid is produced from bacteria, which eats away at enamel causing decay and cavities.
Try to avoid:
Candies filled with caramel or nuts
Taffy, caramels or gummies
Lollipops and jawbreakers
Sour candies

How to Limit

It’s important that you don’t take away your child’s candy altogether, this will make it much more irresistible. Instead, allow your children to choose which candies they would like to keep, this makes them feel like they have control over the moderation. Make it fun! Implement halloween candy time where each day they can have a piece which can then carry over to long term healthy habits.

Halloween is a good time to focus on your children’s teeth but you should be taking oral health actions year-round. It’s important to encourage good oral health habits regularly including brushing teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist. For a professional cleaning and check up on your children’s teeth, call us to schedule an appointment!

Don’t let the sugar monster’s stick around on your child’s teeth after Halloween ends!

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