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Halloween Tips for Treats

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Halloween is a fun time for kids but potentially a problem for teeth. The entire holiday is centered on candy and can be a headache for parents who want to keep kids from overindulging in the sweets. The best solution for the candy binges that often occur on Halloween is to encourage moderate consumption of candy. Denying kids the sweets they crave only makes them desire them more. Instead, reminding your kids of the importance of dental health and the negative effects too much sugar can have on their teeth is a good approach to limiting candy consumption. Preventing cavities and ensuring good oral health in kids is especially important around Halloween when kids are increasing their consumption of sweets. Here are some helpful tips.

Control Treat Flow


A good solution to help regulate kid’s consumption of treats is to go through the Halloween bags together and let them select a specific number of treats. Store, donate, or throw out the rest of the treats. You can take this opportunity to remind your kids of the importance of brushing and flossing and the harm sugar can have on the teeth. The point shouldn’t be to scare kids or discourage eating sweets–just to communicate that excessive sugar consumption can lead to cavities and other serious dental problems over time. Doing this can help kids learn self control, how to control their diets, and teach them that their diet affects their physical health.

Allocate a Treat Time


For younger kids in particular, allocating a time to have treats is important to regulating consumption. This can also help promote a more mindful approach to eating treats. Even after Halloween this is a good routine to maintain since kids may lose interest in eating excessive sweets and learn to appreciate a dedicated treat time. You can let older kids have a little more autonomy in deciding a reasonable amount of candy, but encouraging them to consume wisely is a good way to get them to take charge of their own dental health.

Establish a Brushing Schedule


In addition to establishing a dedicated treat or snack time, you should also emphasize the importance of a brushing schedule. Making sure that your kids are brushing and flossing twice a day is essential to preventing oral health problems. For young children 8 and under, parents should assist with teeth brushing. Making this daily oral health care a habit that kids follow is the best way to prevent dental problems and ensure a lifelong concern for overall oral health and well being. Keep regular dental check up appointments to ensure that oral health is monitored and any problems are addressed quickly and professionally.

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