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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

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Halloween is a favorite holiday for many kids and comes with it’s own unique sets of challenges. From the logistics of helping your kids with their costumes and trick or treating to regulating candy consumption, Halloween is only a single day, but it can feel a lot longer. With all of the planning that goes into Halloween, helping to ensure that your kids have a fun and safe experience is the top priority. Halloween safety comes down to a variety of things–including safety while trick or treating and, of course, safe consumption of sweets. In general, Halloween activities for kids are safe and fun for everyone, but taking basic precautions to keep kids safe will go a long way. Here are a few tips.

Chaperone Young Kids & Carry Lights


If kids are planning on going trick or treating, you should always make sure that young children are accompanied by an adult. Chaperoning young children during trick or treating is important for general safety when walking around a neighborhood at night. You should also make sure that kids carry flashlights and wear an article of reflective clothing on their costumes to aid in visibility at night. A good idea is to make sure there is some reflective item attached to kid’s costumes and always give them a small flashlight to carry. This will help make them visible to vehicles and ensure that they can navigate through the neighborhood after sunset.

Set a Schedule


For kids trick or treating on their own or even for kids going out with an adult, establishing a schedule for returning home is a good idea. Set a departure time and a time to return and make sure your kids understand them. For young kids, it is better to take them out trick or treating earlier in the evening–around dusk–to give them time to enjoy their candy and get them to bed at a reasonable hour. For older kids who go out later, make sure they understand what time they are expected to be home. For kids going out unchaperoned, always make sure they have a phone on them.

Regulate Sweets

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After the excitement of trick or treating is over, kids will want to eat their candy. A good way to regulate this, especially for younger kids, is to allocate a set quantity of candy kids can eat each night. For young kids it is particularly important to establish a responsible approach to eating sweets. Make sure that kids understand the importance of brushing thoroughly after eating candy and how good oral hygiene can help prevent cavities and other dental problems. A good idea is to set a limit on how much Halloween candy your kids can eat at night and establish a schedule for eating candy. As always, make sure that brushing and flossing is an ingrained part of their routine during and after Halloween.

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