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Top 10 Teething Tips

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My kids get teeth really young. My second however, got a couple teeth and then her teething came to a sudden stop until one day she was super fussy and just couldn’t really be comforted. You know how that goes, right? So, I looked in her mouth and found that she was indeed teething. She wasn’t getting one or two, but 8 teeth in! And that is no exaggeration! She was miserable for days. Here are  what I found to be my top 10 teething tips! Hope you find something that helps!

1. Use a mesh feeding bag to fill with ice or frozen fruit for your baby to gnaw on. The  cold will feel good to them and help give some relief. You can find these mesh bags at Walmart, Target or Amazon. They are $7.99 on Amazon for a 2 pack by Munchkin. Follow this link to take you to Amazon.

download2. Going with the frozen theme, a wet washcloth in the freezer works well. My little one seems to love sucking the icy water out and chewing on it until it softens up.

3. Numb the gums with baby Orajel. You can also find this at Walmart or Target or just about any grocery store. It cost about $5.00.



4. Apply gentle pressure onto hurting gums with a clean finger, as this can bring relief. 

5. Dry babies drool. Teething often causes babies to drool excessively which can irritate the skin, especially on the baby’s chin. To prevent irritation, always keep a washcloth nearby to dry the drool.

6. Try over the counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). 

7. Teething toys- Teething toys and teething rings can be found everywhere, in all price ranges and in a variety of materials.

8. Extra hugs and cuddles.

9. Keep an eye on teethers and pacifiers. Baby may be chewing more aggressively on teethers and pacifiers while teething so be sure to check them closely and look out for any broken or loose parts that can pose choking hazards. Inspect teething toys and pacifiers before every use for signs of wear and tear.

10. Distraction- Especially at day time, your baby might need a bit more distraction than usual while teething. Playing alone might not work at all. Consider doing things that your baby really loves.

And remember, this too shall pass!  Happy teething and good luck!


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