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4 Dental Apps for Kids

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Parents have a number of resources available to them to help when it comes to the health of their child. Burg has a dental app designed to help parents all along the path of pediatric dentistry, but what about an app designed specifically for kids? Take a look at these four dental apps geared towards children. Each of these will help make dental health a fun priority for your children, allowing them to better understand the importance of taking care of their teeth.


Disney Magic Timer



The Disney Magic Timer can be downloaded on any smart device whether that is a tablet or a phone. When it comes to teeth brushing, timing is one of the most important parts. It is critical for your children to brush effectively for as long as possible. With this free app, your child will start the timer and begin brushing. It will count down two minutes, slowly displaying more pieces of one of your favorite Disney characters the longer you brush. Through this program, you will receive prizes depending on how long and often you brush. Use this to establish the best brushing habits early on in a fun way.


Brush DJ



This is also a free app that will provide a timer telling you just how long you should be brushing along with the music on your device, but it does so much more than this. The Brush DJ can help remind your child to brush, floss, rinse, when to visit the dentist, and even when to throw away the old toothbrush and opt for another. It is also a place where parents and kids can together learn about the different stages of development for teeth, and what to expect as they get older.


Aquafresh Brush Time



This app takes a personified strip of toothpaste and shows children some of the most effective ways to brush their teeth, all while timing just how long they are taking. With a catchy song to keep them going, this app counts down to two minutes like the others to ensure the teeth are properly cleaned. Along with the timer, tips on the best methods of brushing will be given. After every time your child brushes, a gold star will be awarded. This gold star can be used at the app’s Nurdle Shop where they can buy gear and other items in the game.


Happy Touch



The Happy Touch app allows children to brush their teeth alongside their favorite animal, watching as they both get their teeth clean. In addition to this, you will be able to select the foods you ate today, determining whether these were healthy or unhealthy options for strong teeth. Use these tools to help keep your teeth clean on all levels.
If you are having a hard time encouraging your child to get excited about brushing their teeth, there may be easier ways to get this done. Try using one of the many apps that have been made available on different smart devices. These will help teach your children for how long and the best tactics of brushing their teeth, positively rewarding them along the way.

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