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Sedation Dentistry for Kids

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It was a year ago, we took my 5 year old to the dentist for a broken tooth. She was terrified to even sit in the chair, so he recommended a sedation dentist. There was only one in the area we lived, and he drove 4 hours to be there once a week. Our appointment was scheduled out a couple months because he was very booked. When we eventually saw him, I didn’t feel all that great about it, but knew this was the option we needed.  Later as I sat holding my unaware daughters body sideways so she could vomit shortly after the dentist began working, I worried even more. Did I make the right choice??

Now a year later, we’ve been to Burg and their family friendly atmosphere, for my 3 year old’s first dentist visit. Cavities were found, and a time was set up to get them filled. After practically laying on top of her to keep her hands down, the dentist turned to me and said “I think we need to do sedation”. I had to gulp down my fears, because I knew that was the only way we were going to get her to be still, and get all the work done.

I was so extremely appreciative of the whole staff at Burg. I explained my fears to the nurse, and she was so kind to listen to me, and then tell me how Burg’s sedation works. It was so very different from what I had experienced a year ago. Although I left the office that day still nervous about putting my little girl under sedation, I also left with complete trust and confidence in Burg’s Lone Peak staff.

Burg Pediatric Dentistry - Super Powers with kids!

Finally the day arrived for us to go in for her sedation. They aren’t allowed to eat anything before the treatment, which I was worried about. The first thing my kids always ask for is breakfast. We got lucky that morning though, and she didn’t even talk about food. Once we arrived at Burg, my daughter got enthralled with watching Epic – or as we dubbed it that day “The Leaf Man Movie”. It was one we’ve never seen, so it held her attention very nicely. Once the dentist was ready the anesthesiologist came out with one of the nurses. The nurse distracted my daughter while the anesthesiologist gave her the sedation shot.

Within seconds my daughter was out in my arms. I was initially going to request I be in the room while they worked on her, but from the moment we walked in that morning, until they carried her back to the dentist, I felt completely at ease.  I was more impressed when the receptionist pulled out a basket of treats and water bottles for me – because they just knew, if I didn’t feed my daughter breakfast, I probably didn’t eat either. It was such a wonderful, and needed gesture.

Finally the work was done. Dr Segura himself came out to tell me all that they found and fixed on her teeth, and to assure me everything went well. We still had to wait for her to wake up, but there were no complications and things went so much more smoothly than our prior experience. While we waited for her to wake up, a nurse sat with me and her, and just talked with me about life and anything that came to mind.

Having your child wake up from a procedure, and immediately get mad at you because they don’t think any work has been done, and she wants to know where MOLAR MAN is, was both relieving and funny. Poor girl still isn’t sure that they actually did anything.

I will be headed back to Burg with my other children for sure. They are both professional, and comforting for children and parents alike.

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