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Tooth Myths Debunked

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There are many misconceptions surrounding dental health, some of which can lead to unhealthy habits when followed. Be aware of the most common tooth myths around, and where the truth actually resides. You may be surprised to find out the most popular of these myths.


You should brush after every meal

 kid brushing teeth

Although it is true you should brush your teeth after you eat, this doesn’t mean to brush them directly after you eat. This might seem natural to remove the leftover bits from between your teeth, but you may be doing more damage by brushing directly after eating. The enamel of your teeth is temporarily softened after eating while food particles are broken down and washed away. Wait at least half an hour to an hour after eating to brush your teeth for your enamel to have enough time to build back up.


A tooth will dissolve in soda overnight


In the 1950s a Cornell University study shocked everyone by stating that placing a tooth in a cup of soda overnight would result in the tooth being completely dissolved in the morning. Although soda has been proven to be unhealthy for your teeth, it is not quite that drastic. In fact, orange juice has higher levels of acidity than coca cola. Don’t let the soda rest on your teeth longer than necessary. When drinking soda, or orange juice for that matter, drink water at the same time, flushing your teeth after finishing the drink. The water will remove some of the sugar, helping to keep your teeth healthy.


Wisdom teeth


Because wisdom teeth are commonly removed, some have come to the conclusion that they do not serve any purpose. The main reason wisdom teeth are removed is because of the way in which they grow in, often becoming impacted or growing in sideways. If this is not the case with your own wisdom teeth, you might want to think twice about getting them removed. Research has found that the cells found in the wisdom teeth are similar to that found in bone marrow. As technology progresses, this could be critical for medical purposes.


Don’t believe everything you hear about your teeth, but instead get the facts. Bring your kids into Burg Children’s Dentistry to learn more on properly taking care of their teeth from a young age. You may be surprised what you learn.


By +Cassie Costner


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