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3 Ways the Tooth Fairy Came to Visit

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Simply putting a plain dollar bill under your child’s pillow at night is not enough anymore.  With the latest sensation Pinterest (Moms, you will LOVE this … or maybe hate it because it is addicting) we are now expected to be creative… as if we have time for that! Below are 3 fun and easy ways that you can introduce the tooth fairy tradition to your son or daughter, and make it a lasting memory.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

This pillow is a spin on the common tradition of putting the tooth and money beneath their pillow.  These pillows have endless ways that you could create them.  For the crafty mom, you can sew the pillow yourself. To bond with your child you can have them design it and help you make it. For the busy or less crafty moms (like most of us), you can always buy a super cute tooth pillow! We found 2 that we adored, below are the pictures and links for them on

Tooth Pillow # 1:


Tooth Pillow # 2:




Glitter Money:

Another creative and fun idea is glitter money.  Glitter money is simple.  Buy a can of glitter hairspray from a dollar store, party supply store or craft store and spray the dollar bill with it.  Let it dry and then sneak it under their pillow! This tradition is not very time consuming and you can still place the money under their regular pillow.



Tiny Letters:

This tradition may be the hardest because everything is so small! If you figure out a trick of how to get the hang of this, then I am sure it will be a breeze.  All you do for this is accompany the money, or another tradition, with a teeny, tiny letter from the tooth fairy, herself! *wink wink* One idea is to tell your child some words of encouragement from the tooth fairy, or even slip in some tricks for better oral hygiene habits. Make sure you include the date or another fun fact about them so they can keep these notes forever!


These are only a few cute ideas of how you can introduce the tooth fairy, and I am sure there are plenty more. Most importantly though is to have fun with this, you want to create a tradition that your child will remember. But hey, if you are feeling very enthusiastic about these ideas you could combine them all together! Anything is possible! Good luck moms and dads!

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