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Stop the Battle, Make Brushing fun for your Children!

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Does your child kick and scream when it is time for them to brush their teeth? Do you dread bedtime because you know your child is going to put up a fight about brushing his or her teeth? It doesn’t need to be this way any more. Here are a few easy tips you can use to make brush time fun for your children:

  • Create a rewards system. It’s no secret that children are motivated by the promise of a reward. Decorate a poster with your child’s name on it and give him or her a “gold star” or special sticker each night they do well at brushing their teeth with a good attitude. Set a goal for them– after 10 stars, or maybe after a perfect week, they get a special toy or outing. Not only will this get them wanting to brush their teeth, it will also encourage them to be consistent and work towards a goal.


  • Instead of brushing right before bedtime, have your child brush right after dinner or before a favorite television show.


  • Brush to music, a children’s song normally lasts about two minutes and this is the ideal amount of time needed to effectively clean your teeth. Brushing to the rhythm of the music will make it more interesting.


  • Make sure the equipment is fun and exciting. Take your child to the store and let them pick out their toothbrush. If they choose it, then they will develop more of a connection to it and be excited about using it. Also, have them pick out a flavor of toothpaste that they will like and want to use.


Do these few steps to help make teeth brushing more enjoyable for your children. This will also help them to form good habits for the rest of their lives making it much easier to bring them to the dentist.

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