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Managing Your Child’s Sugar Intake

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With all the colorful and attractive candies at the store and all the unhealthy options offered at restaurants and fast-food places, helping your child make health food decisions can be difficult. However, there are some fun and easy ways to teach them the importance of eating nutritious foods.

Ideas That Worked

  • When I was little, my dad used to pay me a dollar for every day, starting at the beginning of the month, that I didn’t eat sweets. As soon as I did eat a sweet, I wouldn’t get a dollar a day for the rest of the month. If you have many kids, maybe just a quarter a day or so would be good. It’s a healthy way to give your children allowances.
  • You can also make eating healthy a family affair. If you set the example and the expectation for maintaining a healthy diet, your children will have a model to emulate. Keeping candies around the house can make it difficult for your kids to eat healthy. Also, making healthy meals can improve your family members’ health.
  • Keep non-sugary cereals in your home. Instead of using sugar to sweeten their breakfasts, use strawberries or other fruits. Because many snacks include a lot of added sugar, encourage your children to eat nuts and fruits instead of reaching for a fruit roll-up or something of the like.

With the obesity rates climbing in America, you want to be sure that your children learn healthy eating habits early on in life. That way, your children can stay away from poor dental health as well. For more dental health questions, contact the most experienced children’s dentist in Utah!

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