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What’s With all of the Crazy Costumes?

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You may have happened to wander into our offices during one of our crazy dress-up days to wonder, “Why is this dentist’s office so crazy? Why are they dressed up in these wild costumes?”

If you weren’t thinking that, you were probably having way too much fun enjoying the wildness with us! But – just so you know – here are a few reasons why we have crazy dress-up days throughout the month:

  1. Help kids feel at ease. Lab coats and scrubs can be a little intimidating from time to time, but superhero costumes and hippo masks aren’t so much! How can you feel scared when you’re in the capable hands of a hygienist with mismatched socks?
  2. Have fun! Surprisingly, even dentists and dental assistants like to have a good time in the office. After all, we’re in the business of making beautiful smiles – might as well do it with a smile on our faces!
  3. Make your visit to the dentist a rewarding experience. We believe in always going the extra mile for the kids we help. Kids should look forward to a visit to the dentist with delight, not dread!

Here are just a few things moms and dads have said about taking their kids to Burg:

“My 5 year old LOVES to go to the dentist because of you guys!” –Natasha Gwynn

“Their staff is THE BEST!!!!!!! I will only be bringing her here now!!!” –Michelle Alley

“We’ve been to LOTS of different dentists over the years and your office in Cottonwood Heights is the best! My kids keep begging to go back!” –Robyn Taylor-Granda

To get in on the costume craziness, just visit one of our offices for Pediatric Dentistry in Sandy, UT!

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