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How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

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For a child, it’s easy to feel afraid of the dentist because popular culture tends to portray the dentist as the Devious Dr. Dentin, a malicious surgeon with cruel tools that will tear at her mouth! Here are a few reasons your child may be afraid of her dental visit and some solutions to those fears:

  • Close proximity: Americans tend to distance themselves physically from everyone except those with whom they’re very close. Naturally, your child feels uncomfortable having a stranger place their hands inside her mouth! Simply acknowledge that there will be some closeness – it will help your child feel more at ease.
  • Pain: your tongue is among your body’s most sensitive spots, and your dentin is densely packed with nerves. This means that touching your child’s dentin under the wrong conditions can cause intense pain. Fortunately, your dentist will never touch her dentin layer without proper anesthetic. At Burg Children’s Dentistry, we specialize in painless dental hygiene for children’s sensitive mouths. Knowing this should eliminate any fear of pain that your child may experience.
  • The unknown: this is an especially big fear on your child’s first dentist visit, so turn her trip into an adventure: the dentist is actually a superhero, there to protect her teeth, helping her feel happier and healthier every day! If your child still fears her dental experience, try walking her through the entire process, from being greeted by the friendly staff to being sent home with a prize for fighting cavity crime.

As your Sandy pediatric dentist, we ensure that every child feels like a superhero for coming to have his or her teeth cleaned that day! Providing your child with a favorite toy and reminding them of their bravery and valor will help the process become easier.

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