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What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with your Teeth?

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Losing your teeth can be exciting and fun. When the night has come you place your teeth under your pillow and await a special surprise from no other than the Tooth Fairy. But, are you left wondering what the Tooth Fairy does with all your teeth? Here are 10 things the Tooth Fairy might do with your teeth!

She builds a castle with them

Have you ever wondered why your teeth are so hard and why they can withstand pressure? It’s because of the collagen in them.  The collagen gives bones their flexible framework. So it’d only make sense that the tooth fairy would want that same stability and flexibility with her castle!

She makes her magical fairy dust out of them

The fairy tooth obviously has wings which help her fly but what helps her fly so fast that she can visit each child who has lost a tooth each night? Teeth give her magic an extra boost so she can grind them up, mix it in with her magic, and away she goes- turbo flight style.

She helps doctors make implants for those who need them

You can say the tooth fairy is somewhat of a scientist. When she isn’t busy with her housework or collecting teeth, she spends time harvesting the Hydroxylapatite from your teeth and gives them to doctors who can use it for making implants. For people who have lost their baby teeth for not brushing regularly, doctors are able to make dental teeth implants all thanks to the tooth fairy

She gives them to small babies who need them

In order for babies to eat solid food they need teeth too. That is why the tooth fairy recycles and reuses your old teeth and gives them to small babies. She plants them in their gums and then they “teethe” and grow those teeth in.

She adds them to her collection

The tooth fairy is nothing less but fascinated with teeth and each and every tooth she collects is special and unique. This is why she likes to collect them. She likes to save one tooth from every child she visits. It’s a constant reminder of some great times.

She polishes the teeth and places them in the sky

Teeth are called “pearly whites” for a reason. It’s because when taken care of properly they shine bright which is the reason they make great stars for the sky! The tooth fairy enjoys polishing up those pretty baby teeth and placing them in the sky for you to enjoy them every night. Next time you see a star, you might just be looking at your own baby tooth!

She plants them to grow magical teeth trees

We all know trees are essential for life because they produce oxygen and just as us humans need them, so does the tooth fairy. That is why sometimes she plants the teeth she collects in the ground to grow magical teeth trees. These trees produce oxygen and magical fairy dust.

She crushes the teeth into powder which is used to mold adult teeth

After your teeth disappear, there is a big empty hole for a while. Then suddenly a tooth appears. Have you ever wondered where it came from? Perhaps you can think of the fairy as the artist. She could crush all your baby teeth into dust, add a bit of magic, and create a mold for a new adult tooth.

She melts your teeth to make money to pay for other teeth

Do you ever wonder where the tooth fairy gets money to pay for all those teeth she collects? Well, she melts teeth down to make money and coins to pay for other teeth. Making her own money means she has more time to collect all your teeth and give you money!

She gifts teeth to other fairies

With so many uses for teeth the tooth fairy has decided that gifting teeth is the best gift she can give other fairies! Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are all great reasons to give teeth away. The fairies who receive these teeth can then use them for whatever they want.

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