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Saturday August 28th Burg Children’s Dentistry is a proud sponsor of the “BLOOM” non profit fundraiser. they have all the info at there website.  It aids the less fortunate children in our area. Saturday September 11th is the Burg Children’s Dentistry Carnival!! Open to ALL our patients and family.  Our Appreciation party. DRESS UP DAYS!! Patients can schedule […]

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If your child is a die-hard pacifier enthusiast, you may be wondering if she will ever kick the habit once and for all! Most pediatric dentists agree that your child should be through with relying on a binky by the time her permanent teeth start erupting. If she doesn’t, proper mouth and jaw formation and […]

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Look at any baby boomer’s smile and you’re likely to see a mouthful of metal fillings! Before the widespread use of fluoride toothpaste and other preventive tools became commonplace, children’s teeth were much more vulnerable to decay; in fact, filling cavities was a routine part of semi-annual checkups. Today’s parents have a lot more options […]


Losing the first tooth is a milestone for any child: it’s a sure-fire way to tell that he or she is “growing up” and starting to leave the trappings of babyhood behind. Tooth Fairies across America had better start breaking out the quarters, because we’re going to be talking about child tooth loss this month: […]


Thumb sucking is a powerful attraction for many babies and toddlers: in fact, many ultrasound photos show little ones already engaged in the practice! For some kids, it is a habit that lasts well into the school-age years and is difficult to break: making them vulnerable to teasing and feelings of low self-esteem. But does […]

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When it’s time for your child to brush her teeth, do you get hit with: “But I don’t wanna!” Relax- you’re definitely not alone. Helping a child learn to brush and floss properly as well as care about her oral hygiene is a challenge for the best of parents: but it’s a skill that will […]


There has been a lot in the news lately about childhood obesity, and with good reason! Children are simply not getting enough exercise nor are they eating healthy enough on a daily basis. But what about kids’ dental health? Maintaining high standards for good oral hygiene is just as important as keeping the rest of […]


Pediatric Dentistry is an age-specific specialty that provides comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs. Dentist who specialize in pediatrics work in coordination with other health care providers and members of social disciplines for the benefit of children. Plus, they receive an […]

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