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The other day while at a summer event, I looked around at my cute little family. Three toddlers, a baby, daddy and mommy, sitting on a picnic blanket enjoying the festivities, sunshine…and junk food. Lots and lots and looooooots of junk food. As my son looked up and gave me a licorice-filled smile, I thought […]


My son is 4 years old.  For as long as he has had teeth he has fought me on tooth brushing.  Every night he screams.  Every night I have to hold him down and brush his teeth.  You’d think by now he would understand that it doesn’t help, and his teeth are going to get […]


Every mom knows that her kids are superheroes. She knows that like Batman, her kids may not have been born with super powers, but they do have super ideas. Like Yoda, she recognizes that the smallest heroes are sometimes the wisest. (And she secretly wishes they could use The Force to retrieve everything they drop […]


We love reading in our family! When I’m not reading to my three young kids, they can often be found browsing through piles of books on their own. Recently, we decided to see what books we could find about teeth at our local library. My six-year-old just had her first visit from the tooth fairy, […]


My daughter Reece had never been to the dentist up until about a week ago. I knew we were a little late getting her in for her first time, but I wanted to make sure that we took her somewhere that wasn’t going to be scary and overwhelming for her. She is a pretty outgoing […]


  When my youngest son was four, I accidentally changed his world with a pair of pajamas. They were Superman pj’s that were entirely black.  The bottoms were plain black with the bat logo at the waist. The top had an airbrushed breastplate of steel abs.  It was the two velcro strips at the shoulder […]


Getting kiddos to brush their teeth twice a day can sometimes be a chore, but with the right tools to make it fun it can be a breeze. My kids like to see their progress and love getting an immediate reward for good behavior. For us, a simple chart can mean the difference between sparkly […]


As a child, there are certain activities that are definitely memorable.  For me, one of those was going to the zoo.  There was always so much to look at and see.  Plus, animals are pretty unpredictable and I remember them doing funny things.  It’s no surprise to me that my boys love going to the […]


Food! We gotta eat it to live. Luckily, it tastes so, so good! But let’s consider for a moment which foods help or hurt our dental health. It turns out there are some surprising food heroes and villains. Let’s start with the obvious. Foods that Hurt Our Dental Health Here’s a list of the worst offenders […]


I knew one day my kids would choose their friends over family outings, but I still wasn’t ready for it!  I still want to enjoy day trips with my kids, but sometimes we either have to bribe them with bringing a friend, or take them to a place they really love. One of those places actually happens […]

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