The Ideal Age for Braces


The Ideal Age for Braces (5)

While there isn’t any one specific age that is ideal for every child to get braces, there are a few signs and factors that contribute to the ideal age for your child. Look into these factors in helping you decide when is the right time for your child to receive braces. By looking into these factors, and listening to the advice of your pediatric dentist, you can ensure the best treatment will be given at the right time to ensure success in correcting their teeth.


Orthodontic Evaluation



It is a good idea to have your child’s orthodontic evaluation by the time they are seven years old. The orthodontist will be able to assess the situation of your child’s mouth and determine whether or not advanced dental work will be needed. There are signs and problems that can be identified at this point, where the parents will be advised as to when the best time to get braces if at all. Some children will be lucky and escape the need for braces. Be sure to follow the advice you are given for the best results.


The Right Time



While the answer might be a frustrating one, the right time for braces will vary from person to person. Rather than looking for a specific age at which braces should be delivered, it is instead important to look at a couple of different oral events that should happen before braces should be delivered:


  • The last baby teeth should be lost before braces are put on.
  • The twelve year old molars should have already erupted and started to make their way in the mouth by this point.
  • If there are any teeth extractions or surgeries that will need to take place, these should be done before the braces are added.

By not following these guides, the timeline of braces can and will be lengthened leading to more problems. Instead wait for the age when your child will have reached all these requirements, ensuring their orthodontic work will go forward as planned. Listen to the advice of your dentist and orthodontist to deliver the best treatment possible for your child. By waiting for the right stage of development for braces, your child will have a more positive experience, completing the process with fewer problems and better results.

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