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5 Foods to Grow Your Teeth Big and Strong

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With everyone mentioning all of the things that are bad for your teeth, why does no one ever say what things are actually goof for your teeth?

Yes, we know that sugar is bad and should be avoided at all costs. The daily wear and tear of eating food can be detrimental to your teeth if you do not take care of them in the correct ways. What foods are actually beneficial to your teeth though?

Believe it or not, not everything that goes into your mouth is going to cause you to have a root canal as many people have made you believe for most of your life. Some foods out there do an equal or even better job of taking care of your teeth than your toothbrush does, especially if you do not use your toothbrush correctly.

Here is a quick list of five foods that improve your dental health while also nourishing your body.

1) Dairy Products- milk and yogurt are low in acidity and sugar making them great choices to quench your thirst or have as a healthy snack. This is good news for both tooth erosion and tooth decay. Milk is rich in calcium, which means you are fortifying teeth and bones while refueling during the day.
2) Fruit- best for you when eaten in its whole, raw form. It keeps down plaque and massages your gums. Choose the fruits rich in Vitamin C, which holds our body cells together. If you are short of Vitamin C, your gums may become tender and more susceptible to gum disease.
3) Vegetables- are a good idea if you are trying to build a good foundation for your teeth. Broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin are rich in Vitamin A from which tooth enamel forms. If you eat them raw you will get more Vitamin A, as well as clean your teeth and massage your gums.
4) Protein- beef, chicken, eggs and turkey are rich in phosphorus. Calcium combines with phosphorus and Vitamin D to produce our teeth and bones. Make sure you get enough protein to keep your teeth healthy, and reduce decay.
5) Water- when you rinse with water, it cleans your mouth so that your saliva can nourish your teeth, hydrate your gums, and help wash away trapped food particles that can create plague.

There you have it, five things you can eat and drink that will not cause your teeth to decay and will actually improve your dental health assuming you do not already put these things into your body. You should have been putting them into your body already to grow big and strong but this is just another reason to do it.

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